The Mets Will Immediately Know Where They Stand

Take a look at the first month of the season. Here are the Mets’ opponents:

Nationals (3 away, 4 home)

Braves (3 away, 3 home)

Phillies (3 home)

Marlins (4 home, 3 away)

Yankees (3 away)

We will immediately know where we stand. And yes, I say “we” as if I’m on the team. We only play the division! The one exception being the Junkies! The Bronx Buyers themselves.

The season is a marathon, of course. The hot September team always has a shot, UNLESS you’re so far behind that it doesn’t matter (that’s what people told the Phillies in ’07). Let’s at least be in the damn thing come September.

A little stat work for ya: Last season, the current World Champion Giants went 16-11 in April, were up and down all year, and went 14-12 in September. They went 12-5 in the playoffs.

Hot starts matter. Every game matters. Consistency matters. Knowing where you stand matters. We’re trying to “take the damn thing,” and we will be tested immediately. We need to smack the shit out of the Phillies and Braves, show that we’re better than the Marlins, and hold our own against the Nats. Prove it, Mets. Prove it.

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