Daniel Murphy is Day To Day Forever

Daniel Murphy was just removed after half an inning due to right hamstring tightness he felt while running the bases. Murphy singled and scored a run in the top of the first inning. Phillip Evans took over for Murphy at second base.

So Daniel Murphy joins Zack Wheeler and Jose Reyes on the Day to Day list. Oh, boy. This is a serious Metsblow. Really fucking serious. The whole lineup gets shaken the FUCK up without Murph. Instead of Murph 6th, now you’ve got Tejada 8th? Really? Tejada? Oh shit.

The bottom line is that if your 1-8 aren’t all major leaguers, you’re out as a team. Done. Pitching be damned. You can’t put minor leaguers up to the plate. This season, we were looking at the first MAYBE in half a decade. MAYBE Flores. MAYBE d’Arnaud. We MAYBE finally had a major league lineup to go with our studly pitching, which can be enough. But without Murphy, we’re fucked. He shakes the whole damn thing up in a really, really bad way.

I imagine they will call up Herrera once the arbitration thing clears.

Again, Murphy is only Day to Day, so Mets Jewbrass has told us all not to worry. Phew. He’ll be back tomorrow. Joseeee! Jose Jose Jose!

From Websters: Day-to-day is a baseball expression that commonly means a player has a very slight injury and will return to the lineup in one or two days. However, in Queens, NY, the regional voicing of the expression refers to a catastrophic injury, usually resulting in a minimum of one season on the disabled list. Often, this will lead to a player being wrongfully removed/exiled from Queens without being resigned to a fair contract that would greatly benefit the region.  

P.S. It was probably the gays’ fault. Gay Mafia did this to him.

P.P.S. I know it’s in his hamstring, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Murph needs TJ.

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