Sandy Alderson: Baseball Maverick

That’s the title of some new bullshit book, likely funded by the Wilpons. Nevermind, the Wilpons would never fund anything. 

The book basically talks about how Alderson has revived the Mets! 79 wins last year! Talk about revival!

It spends half the book talking about how savvy the Beltran for Wheeler deal was. True, it was savvy. TJ surgery aside, it was savvy.

And the other half of the book? Just blank pages would’ve been better. What the fuck has he done? He hypothetically got a lot for Dickey, but Thor isn’t even in the majors yet and d’Arnaud hasn’t put it together for a full season. d’Arnaud’s biggest accomplishment has been raking in a meaningless September against roster expansion call-ups.

There’s nothing else. Despite not being Latino, Harvey was a Minaya pick. Everyone else you can think of is also due to Minaya. Alderson brought us Josh “Smooth” Satin. 

Zero winning records in his tenure with the Mets. What a maverick. “Maverick” is a poker term that refers to betting big without looking at your hand. That sounds avout right now, except the Jewpons would rather be at the penny slots. Thanks for the book, assholes. Metsblow. 

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