The Projected Lineup Is Strong; No Contingency Plan

1- Lagares CF

2- Grandy LF

3- Wright 3B

4- Duda 1B

5- Cuddyer RF

6- Murphy 2B

7- d’Arnaud C

8- Flores SS

Well, well, looky here. A good lineup! AMAZIN’! The fences were moved in. So they’ll want Grandy batting 2nd to hit more dingers. Murphy hits for a higher .avg, but they’re gonna want to give Grandy more ABs. It could be switched.

The main concern is, of course, WHAT THE FUCK DO WE DO WHEN SOMEONE GETS HURT? For the past 4 years, we have had automatic outs at 6, 7, and 8. Now, we don’t. But what about when Cuddyer gets hurt and it’s Mayberry instead? Tejada instead of Flores? Recker instead of d’Arnaud?

When the Giants lost Posey in 2011, their backup plan was, “ok, we’ll just lose this year. It’s over.” That’s fine when discussing David Wright. He’s our franchise player. He’s our super-elite. He’s paid a lot. He’s our, “We absolutely need him to be effective and healthy and to lead the team” guy. But everyone else? Where is the fucking contingency? It’s in the Wilpons’ pockets.

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