New Book About Sandy Alderson Reveals *GASP!* That The Wilpons Are Cheap Fucks

There is a new book coming out called: “Baseball Maverick: How Sandy Alderson Revolutionized Baseball and Revived the Mets.”

First off, the Mets haven’t been revived.

Second, Alderson claims that in his job interview, Madoff wasn’t brought up. Well, that’s kind of an oversight, don’t you think? Actually, never mind, it’s not. The Wilpons would’ve just lied to your face and said it’s a non-issue.

The circus continues. It’s an all-Jew circus, so no pigs, please. Elephants are fine, seeing as how Sandy, Jeff, and Fred left a big one in the room during Sandy’s job interview.

Also in the book, Alderson claims that the money has stopped him every time he has tried to make a big move. No shit. He also claims the money problems were bigger than he anticipated. NO FUCKING SHIT! Jewness is a sickness; a disease. So long as the Wilpons are owners, there will ALWAYS BE MONEY PROBLEMS. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, but in the Wilpons’ case it doesn’t matter because they will always claim to be victims and to be short on cash. They’re the classic woe-is-me billionaire. We’ve seen this before. They take no personal accountability. They have billions and they’re just to cheap to spend any of it. It’s not the Madoff thing. It’s the Wilpon thing.

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