New Commissioner Rob Manfred Doubles Down on Collusion With Wilpons

When news broke that Fred Wilpon would be head of the league’s finance committee, I immediately wrote about it:

Manfred has now responded, saying he DOESN’T UNDERSTAND why I am critical of this move. Derrrrr he doesn’t understand derrr. He says, “the committee mostly deals with executive compensation and budget reviews. Issues dealing with possible fraud or inconsistencies in financial statements are handled by a separate group.”

Oh ok! Now I understand! So it’s totally ok now! Fred Wilpon is definitely a fraudulent, inconsistent financial manager, but it’s ok! Because frauds are dealt with by other people! So it’s ok! Because when he gets scammed or does the scamming it will fall on someone else’s shoulders! Scam away!

P.S. Rushing to the defense of Wilpon quite swiftly, valiantly, and aggressively there, aren’t ya Rob? The commissioner doth protest too much, methinks.

P.P.S. Note “executive compensation” in Manfred’s quote, aka Fred Wilpon is in charge of the billionaires-lining-the-pockets-of-billionaires committee.

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