Preblow: Harvey Should Shut Up


Today, Harvey takes the hill against Burnett. Harvey has a 16-inning scoreless streak going. He’s 0-1 in his last two starts. Hahahaha, no that’s not a joke.

Burnett will mow us down today. Get ready, Matt, it’s CGSO or bust. We all know it.

The Mets announced that they’re going with a 6-man rotation. GREAT NEWS! Now Harvey can stay out there longer, since he won’t be pitching as many innings as long as the 6-man rotation stays in tact. I love it. Everyone loves it…except Harvey.

Matt Harvey made it clear to TC that he isn’t thrilled about the 6-man rotation.

Shut up, Matt! This is for your own protection. I love his grit, but dammit just shut up and pitch. Ugh. Matt Harvey will be a Yankee in 2018. Book it. The second he’s eligible (after the 2018 season?) or sooner, even. Ugh ugh ugh.

Postblow: We’re Out. It’s Over. Done.

Pirates raped and pillaged last night.
Pirates raped and pillaged last night.

Pirates 4, Mets 1

Last night, the most obvious thing in the history of mankind since people discovered religion was just a farce for power happened. The thing: A good pitcher mowed the Mets the fuck down. The Mets lone run was UNEARNED, and wouldn’t have even scored if not for a wild pitch. Though that’s not an error on the scoreboard, let it be said that it took 5 outs to get the Mets lone run. Oh and by the way in that inning, we didn’t get the tying run home from 3rd with one out.

Also in obvious news, the Mets are no longer in a playoff spot. Technically we’re “tied” with the Cubs for a WC, but nah. Nope. We’re out.¬†Game over, man. Game over.

Have you guys noticed that we’re the slowest team ever? In MLB 2K15 our team speed is a 0.5 (.5 for Lagares). 2 caught stealing in 2 innings. Remember when Wright tried to steal? He might miss all of 2015. Gee and Niese for Revere and Victorino, respectfully? They’re similar. Revere may be a blossoming youth but Vic’s got the chips. How about Gee and Niese for ARod?

I actually like the fact that Mets are stealing attempting steals. God knows we can’t get runs otherwise. It’s a joke. Murphy was out by a hundred miles. But I get it. I get why Terry would do it and I’m not mad at it.

Lucas Duda, our best defensive infielder BAR NONE (not to mention obviously our best hitter by a hundred million miles), made an error that was scored a hit in the 2nd inning. It was an error. “Home book call,” as Keith said. It rattled Thor a bit, cost us a couple of runs, and that was the game!

After the Pirates batted somewhere in the middle innings, I went to pee during the commercial break. I came back and it was a commercial break. I thought maybe it was just a long break, or an injury. NOPE! Just a double play and the fastest half inning ever.

A good thing about the Mets: With the exception of when we get shelled (like we did twice against the Cards), the games are SHORT. Double plays on double plays. End the suffering quickly.

Jung Ho Kang (a gold glove winner in Korea) dazzled in the field. He made a play that no Mets SS makes in a million years. He also had an RBI. If only Jeffy Wilpon hadn’t explicitly told Sandy, “no chanks.” Sandy replied, “OK, and besides, we’ve got Flores! We don’t need a gold glover who bats .300 and also plays every infield position. Our bench is full, anyway.”

P.S. What a fucking douche home plate umpire. Horrendous anti-Mets calls (look at the K-Zone analysis; it was blatantly biased) and more importantly, he wore short sleeves in 30 degree weather.

Preblow: Can Our Pitching Be EXTRA Good?


OK, let’s go to Pittsburgh. This team sucks, right? Our pitching is great, right? Check out the matchups:

Thor vs Cole

Harvey vs Burnett

Niese vs Liriano

Notice anything? I noticed that their pitchers are good–very good. Are ours better? Yes, absolutely. But their pitchers are going to MOW US DOWN. They have decent hitting, and we don’t. Get ready for more of the same from your New York Metropolitans.

P.S. Watch Kang…you know, that Korean infielder that we passed on…rake against us. Watch. Are you watching? An infielder with an avg/obp/ops of .313/.378/.828 for less than 3mil/year? WHY THE FUCK WOULD WE WANT THAT!?

P.P.S. Mr. Metsblow with his owner’s hat on begged for the singing of Kang in the offseason. BEGGED.