Preblow: Harvey Should Shut Up


Today, Harvey takes the hill against Burnett. Harvey has a 16-inning scoreless streak going. He’s 0-1 in his last two starts. Hahahaha, no that’s not a joke.

Burnett will mow us down today. Get ready, Matt, it’s CGSO or bust. We all know it.

The Mets announced that they’re going with a 6-man rotation. GREAT NEWS! Now Harvey can stay out there longer, since he won’t be pitching as many innings as long as the 6-man rotation stays in tact. I love it. Everyone loves it…except Harvey.

Matt Harvey made it clear to TC that he isn’t thrilled about the 6-man rotation.

Shut up, Matt! This is for your own protection. I love his grit, but dammit just shut up and pitch. Ugh. Matt Harvey will be a Yankee in 2018. Book it. The second he’s eligible (after the 2018 season?) or sooner, even. Ugh ugh ugh.

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