Postblow, Preblow, No-No

Let's go ahead and enjoy this picture
Let’s go ahead and enjoy this picture

Giants 5, Mets 0…and 0 hits as well.

It’s only 1 game. We’re still in 1st place! Hahahaha. No big deal. I’m surprised that studs like Recker, Soupman, and Money Muno weren’t able to get hits.

At least it was Bumgarner and not some doodoo rookie scrub, right? RIIIIGHT?

Pagan had an RBI. Hahahahaha. Good thing we got rid of him for Andres Torres.

The Mets are dead last in turning double plays. THE FUNDIES!!

Plawecki was once again out with the dizzies. Hello, HELLOOOOO, may I please go vertigo? Well, with the stud Anthony Recker on the squad, it’s no big deal! TDA returns today so send down Plawecki because he needs his reps! Some drunken roulette spins in Vegas should stave off the dizziness.

Kevin Plawecki: File Photo
Kevin Plawecki: File Photo

[PREBLOW] Matt Harvey vs Tim Hudson tonight. CGSO or bust, Matt! You know it! We know it! Everyone in Metsblownation fucking knows it. Good fucking luck getting a W with this team. Enjoy your Yankee pinstripes in 3 years. God fucking dammit.

And a few additional blows for ya:

1) In the bottom of the 9th, all 3 outs (Muno, Grandy, Ruben) were backwards Ks. Metsblow.

2) Pitching in relief for the first time this year, Dillon Gee, perhaps out of spite, let up a dinger to the first batter he faced.

3) It’s uhhh…only…uhhh…one game. Oh wait, the Mets are 13-17 in their last 30 games? It’s uhh…only 30 games…