Is This The Worst Mets Team Ever?

“My bad, my bad. That last one [50] was on me.” -Mickey Moron
HERE HE COMES TO WRECK THE DAAAAAAAY. Even Lugo is dead now. He’s wrecked every pen arm.

So the Phillies just tied it up. I’m not gonna wait to post this article. Win or lose, it’s already a completely lost day, week, month, season, life.

The question posed in the title is not about their record. We’ll probably win some games this season (if Mickey gets fired), but the reason for the question is: have we ever had talent like this? Forget RoY, Alonso is in the running for the MVP at this pernt. McNeil is the best hitter since Boggs. deGrom (and his losing record) must want off this team so badly. I think this is the worst Mets team ever in terms of wasted potential. These are the best players we’ve ever had and we’re still losing. It’s amazin’. Bullpen has money on the other team every night, mayhaps? Or Mickey has just blasted their arms into dust? Or Jeffy won’t pay anyone good? Brodie only does insider deals with CAA clients? All of the above?

No team has lost 5 games in a row when leading by 2+ runs in each of them since…THE METS! A decade ago!

“Wes Craven’s Groundhog Day.” -Keith. Well said, Mex.

Oops, I couldn’t finish writing this in time to post before the Phillies completed the comeback. Mets lose. Mets swept. Mets blow.



If You’re Gonna Concuss Someone, At Least Catch the Fuckin’ Ball

Things that got DROPPED: First the ball, then Conforto

Mets looooose. Let’s break it down:

Sanchez, the Nats’ starter, died. In like the 2nd inning? And the Nats have a terrible bullpen! Maybe we won’t lose! Wheeler only gave up 4 runs in the first inning. That should be surmountable.

Whoa! We scored 4! Go Conforto Go! Big dinger!

Damn, Wheeler really got done up. Nats have his number. We’re losing again. We’re definitely going to lose.

The Nats are bad. REALLY BAD. Not for the whole season, but RIGHT NOW IN THIS SERIES THEY ARE BAD. They can’t turn a dp for shit. Worst bullpen in the league. And we still lost 2 out of 3. No Scherzer. No Strasburg. No Turner. We’ll never get an opportunity like this against the Nats again. Blown. Blooooown.

McNeil injured. We’re fooked. Ab tightness. I guess it’s beach season.

Conforto got fucking DROPPED by Cano. He’s dead. Concussed. Dead. Whatever. Nice collision. Oh and nobody caught the ball. Oh and that easy pop-up became a double. Oh and he scored. Oh and we lost by 1 run. Oh. Oh. Blow.

We never had a fucking chance with today’s lineup.

I know we don’t have a 3rd catcher, but if anyone with even halfway decent speed pinch ran for Ramos, we would’ve tied it up. Callaway could’ve been creative. Have deGrom run. Or have Broxton run and have deGrom (or Thor or Matz) PH there or something. Do anything but what you did. This isn’t hindsight, either. I was screaming at the TV.

What a game. Mets blow.