How Much Do The Mets Actually Blow?

We’re about to find out. I was actually putting on my baseball gear when I heard the Jose Fernandez news yesterday. I was shocked and saddened. I was very upset that guys like Yo and Keith were so sad, too. It is a tragedy. That’s all I have to say about that.

The Mets won 17-0 yesterday. We all know what happened. The Mets are in complete control of their playoff chances and are now going up against what is arguably the most beleaguered team in the history of Major League Baseball. 

The good news is that they’ll probably make the playoffs and as miserable Mets fans, we sort of have to consider that a success. Also, if the Mets blow it, Terry will probably be fired. The bad news: I won’t be hired. It’ll just be another scapegoat. Fuck the Wilpons. We’ll never be the franchise we want to be with them at the helm. 

EDIT: I am aware that the Jose Fernandez tragedy is bigger than baseball, but this is a METS blog about how the METS blow. And the Marlins playing spoiler and shitting all over us at the end of the season is a tradition. It shouldn’t happen this time around. But it probably will. The whole world is rooting for Miami right now. Mets blow. 

Most Obvious Score Ever

Hey, we won the series, right? Harvey pitched well, right?

Fuuuuuck that. We got blanked. Ks on Ks on Ks. I don’t care if it’s Jose or Clayton or Madison. We can’t stop getting shut the fuck out. I should’ve bet a billy but I can’t bring myself to bet against them. What a toxic love. Watch this hangover last a week. Can we at least shake it the fuck off one time?! Shouldn’t be too tough to bounce back against Jon Niese. But he’s a lefty so we’re doomed. 

P.S. Walker hit quite the Piazza-off-Mo fly out to center, there. So close. I voted for him to make the ASG.