Can Clutch Jelly Do It Every Day?

Photo of Neil Walker, or Wright, or half the team…

So Jelly’s gonna play 2nd now? All is well? All is well!!!! He got it done last night! That means we don’t need Walker, who is opting for surgery and is dunzo for the year, right?

Mets fucking blow.

Oh wait it’s September! That means rosters expand! We can see Dilson Herrera play 2nd…wait…

Clash of the Titans

Wow just two big dogs goin at it deep into the night. Real juggernaut teams! Extra innings–who wants it more?? Well, apparently they do. Clutch dinger by Jelly to send it into extras, but of course we still lose. Pray for Yo. Don’t watch these games unless you get enough of a kick out of Keith’s audible groans throughout. The Mets are battling and losing against the worst team in the NL. I mean the 2nd worst. Clearly, we are the worst. 

Jelly Jelly Jelly!

Old Jelly gets signed, new Jelly responds!

Everyone saying what a gritty win this was…uhhh…nah. We still won because of dingers. A win is a win but make no mistake, we blow. We stranded the bases loaded. Fam was wild a fuck. Thor vs. a guy making his damn debut?! We should’ve won that game by 10 runs. Not 10 innings. It’s a mess.

Ron Darling: “The Mets lead the league in home runs and have superb pitching. They should be blowing teams out regularly.” 

Amen, Ronnie. Mets blow. Good thing Thor took matters into his own hands with that double. Also let us bless Loney and his sacrifice bunt. Amazin’! Situational hitting woooooow.

4 games in Milwaukee following this “feel good” win. So let’s fucking go.