Nice Managing, Einstein

Royals 5, Mets less than 5 I dunno who gives a shit? Mets 3, whatever.
Clippard? You’re gonna bring in fucking Clippard?? And let him walk TWO guys??

Goat Murphy. Goat Cespedes. Goat Clippard or Fam if you must. But Terry is the real goat. Season’s not over yet, but yeah it’s fucking brutal to give that game up. Not like dis. Not like dis. Absolutely zero credit due to the Royals. Mets completely blew it. We blew it. 

How bout Wade Davis for the 6 out save (hello????). 

Set your clocks back…to 1986.

3 thoughts on “Nice Managing, Einstein

  1. A son discovers 20th century American Literature reading “The Catcher in the Rye”. A father discovers a 21st century writer of Salinger highball reminiscence in Mets at the brink so suddenly, so unexpectedly and so uncontrollably is an allusion to pulling the plug in “The Matrix”. The short strange champion trip blown is symbolic of the desire and regret of fans, of Mets fan. Intentionally or not, coopts the language of an entire generation lamenting over and over “we blew it” in Tom Wolfe’s “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”. Fandemonium is hyperbole, and fandemonium is the norm. Mets fan, welcome to Rome. Compliments to the author who turns Mets blows into Mets prose. 2015 New York Mets may be lost to the footnotes of posterity, but they may have gained an author for our age.

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