Bruce Hot, Mets Not

That was the worst win I’ve ever seen. Daaaaaamn do the Phillies blow. The microcosm for their team is Odubel flipping his bat on a routine fly ball. I mean, good for deGrom for battling back but we really didn’t deserve that one. Awful. Just awful. Bruce hit 2 dingers. I dunno if anyone else even hit the ball. 

d’Arnaud the d’Ouble play machine is d’Unzo. Way to lunge for one after the previous two batters walked. Rivera 3 out of 4 games from now on. Bring up Rosario because Reyes is also d’Unzo. 

P.S. Ronnie wanted Druubz to charge the mound but I’m glad he didn’t. We can’t risk a suspension to one of our only good players. I refuse to watch Flores in the middle infield ever again. He got the walk and eventually the run. Nice job, Ramos. Woooow the Phillies blow. 

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