SNY Declares Colon’s HR Game a “Mets Classic”

A sexy moment

Fuck you, SNY. I love Big Bart but why not just show the highlight for 3 straight hours? It’s nice to hear GKR talk about it for the rest of the game. Seriously, though, fuck you.

You know what a classic game is? The Bumgarner game. That’ll be on SF’s local programming forever. 

Fuck everyone. Pay Yo. Pay Colon, too, while you’re at it. 

One thought on “SNY Declares Colon’s HR Game a “Mets Classic”

  1. arturothebull says:

    Ha ha, I saw it too. Smile for awhile. Yeah October was 8 classic innings, but metsblow. Pay Yo, pay yo, day or night come and nobody touch home. Old Harry Belafonte song.

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