That Was So Obvious

After strugg-a-ling so mightily against the lowly Twins, you knew we were bound to lose. Keith loves the spunky Braves. They’ve changed their identity after the ASB. We knew they’d try to go oppo against Thor. It was all so obvious. 

We’re 9-8 against the Braves this season. Does that sound like a playoff team to you? Fucking mooks. Teheran looms large.

2 thoughts on “That Was So Obvious

  1. Metsblow intertwines play on the baseball field with play on words. The author offers up some linguistic knuckleballs rich with interpretations. The writer’s first knuckleball is word play. Geography buffs will notice the similarity between the sound of the Atlanta pitcher’s last name “Teherán” and the Central Asian city named Tehran. When “Teherán” is juxtaposed with the term “mooks”, then “mooks” sounds like a demonym (meaning “those from Mook” – also known as Shahrak-e Muk, Province of Fars, Iran). Intended or not, this is a pun with references to Persia.

    The second knuckleball is the use of the term “mooks”. In this case “mooks” may describe players whose pay is commensurate with major league baseball, but whose output falls short of “professional” expectations. One might reasonably conclude that “mooks” refers to the the New York Mets, a team apparently offending while contending for playoff spot. However it is possible that the author refers instead to the Atlanta Braves with the term “mooks”. The Atlanta pitcher Teherán’s current 6-10 record makes him a loosing pitcher for 2016. “Teherán” can be a metaphor for loosing in the statement: “Teheran looms large”. Interpretations include: “Loosing looms large”, or “Loosing to a losing pitcher looms large”, or “Loosing to a losing team looms large”, and finally “Loosing to ‘mooks’ looms large”.

    The last knuckleball is a verbal tip of the cap to one Julio Teherán of Cartagena, Columbia, opposing Atlanta Braves pitcher. It’s a give-credit-where-credit-is-due compliment, but it keeps you off balance and on guard.

    Looming tonight September 21, 2016: Mets verses Braves. Feels like fall ball.

    Usually the best puns are those unintended. I’d like to know: by “mooks”, did the author mean the Mets or the Braves, or something else entirely?

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