Ugly Sweep

Keith has never said “jeez” so many times in one game. Pure basura. We should’ve won 10-0. Instead it’s a tight game and Fam is forced to close it out again. I wonder if he was tired and overworked last November when pitching to Alex Gordon? Hmmm…

To be fair, most of Keith’s grunting was aimed at the Reds. I’ve never seen a team quite so checked out. They were DOGGIN’ it out there. Not even sliding into 2nd on a steal? Yeeeesh. But that’s all the more reason we should’ve won 10-0.

I said this when the Mets first signed Reyes: 80% Reyes would be the best leadoff hitter we’ve had since Reyes bar none. Yup! He’s actually playing at about 75~80% of his former self and it’s beautiful. Dingers from both sides. Steals. Awesome. 

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