What deFuck?

The Marlins without Stanton are like the Mets without Cespedes. They should lose every game. Just don’t pitch to Yellich. But with Ye looking like Yo, and with us pitching to his skinny white ass for no apparent reason, we managed to blow the good feelings we had built up over the series.

Ace on the mound? Check. With extra rest? Check. Ace gets beat up for the 3rd straight time? Check. Ace seen with trainer/Dr. Kevorkian Ray Ramirez? Check.

So it’s simply about stepping up, now. Conforto. Montero. Ynoa. Just gotta step up. That’s all there is to it. We’re beleaguered and here come the Nats ready to wipe us off the map. There’s no hiding. The prospects have to step up. Jelly has to step up. Pen has to step up. Never put Smoker in again. I can’t believe he was in in the first place, but I guess Terry conceded the game once deGrom got touched up. Yo wasn’t even in the lineup so Jake never had a chance. Thanks Terry.

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