deAd? Say It Ain’t So

MLB: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals
Don’t pat him too hard, Terry. He’s aching.

I’ve never done seent deGrom pitch so poorly once, let alone twice in a row. I can only assume he’s badly injured. Bye bye ace! Bye bye rotation! I fucking love deGrom. We all do, obviously. He’s the only good player on the team, really (besides Yo). And now he’s probably deAd. He’s just letting up dinger after dinger. It’s so fucking bad.

So what the fuck are the Mets gonna do? Where the fuck is Montero!? What a classic Mets prospect!

Also, Bruce got what was practically his first hit ever as a Met and then came up lame. He should be fine. Apparently it’s a re-aggravation from when he fouled a ball off his leg this past weekend. At least he got a fucking hit.

Terry is really bad at making the lineup. Make a damn lineup and stick to it. Our pitching has fallen apart but we’ve actually been scoring runs recently. Reyes 1, Dru 2, and so on. It’s not complicated. I guess it’s tougher with Neil on paternity leave. But it’s not. Really, it’s not. Yo 1, Yo 2, Yo 3…



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