The Most Ridiculous Loss of All Time


Let’s recap what happened last night:

Duda suffered a setback. He’s DEAD. The Mets badly bungled this one. Not the first time they’ve mishandled an injury.

Yo got placed on the DL. He’s DEAD. The Mets BADLY bungled this one. They mishandled an injury…again? What!? I can’t type fast enough.

The Mets stranded a BILLION runners. The microcosm of the season. I’ve never seen so many DPs. Ow. Bases loaded? Nobody out? Right where they want us. Unwatchable garbage.

And it all happened against the Yankees (D-squad Yankees. Post blowout trade deadline sales of all their best players Yankees. Particularly their relief pitchers Yankees) in a joke stadium where runs are given away for free.

OUR WORST NIGHTMARE has come true. Cespedes is gone. And he won’t get resigned, either. I’m glad it came at a time where I don’t even give a shit anymore because this team fucking blows.Oh, god, pay him. Pleeeeeeeeez Jesus God. We still have a window open for the next couple of years.

And to those who say that we are “still in” the hunt or whatever: We are a bad team. I’ve been on teams with bad records that were “one click away” and playoff teams that got lucky and got smoked by the elite. We are NOT one click away. Unless we get hot (Bruce!? Wheeler?!), then there’s no point in watching. It’d have to “click in” for guys that weren’t here before (Bruce included). Ty Jelly! Reynaldo! Dilson! Oh, wait. Damn.

I say cover the damn field. Pay Yo for 5 years and let him golf his way back to full health for next season. But hey, if Yo comes off the DL at full strength and powers us into the 2nd WC spot, you put deGrom out there and you keep Thor loose if it’s a close game and deGrom can only battle through 6. I’m optimistic, but I’m also not really watching. No reason to watch without Yo. And hey, this was the most ridiculous loss ever, but so was two nights before that one. So was almost every game in July. And June. I’m sure today will be even worse. Resilience! Weak NL! Oh but we can’t beat the Braves, either. All good! Only 2 games out! Blinders!

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