Can Cespedes DH?

So the DH is gay as shit. And you know this, maaaaan. Buuuut, we’ve got 5 AL games in a row. We’ve got a new OF in Bruce. De Aza is contributing to the de squad (championed by deGrom, of course), and Cespedes could use some rest but we desperately need him. I guess if he can’t run the bases, then it’s not worth it. See how he’s feeling. I wish there was no DH. I wish we didn’t have to talk about it. For fucks sake, I see GIRL pitchers taking their ABs. DH is some soft ass bullshit.

Fuck the Yankees. I still can’t believe we let them get 1 in Shitti. We looooove losing games in historically bad fashion. Even Niese couldn’t blow it last night, though.

Also, pay Yo. Sign him for 5 years right fucking now.

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