Reports “Mets Get Bruce For 2 Prospects”


WOOOOOOW did y’all get hoodwinked!!

2 prospects? You mean 2 prospects including mediocre 1st round prospect Nimmo? OOOOOOH WAIT! Gotta love how they get the media to spin it. Every damn time.

The Reds bait & switched for Dilson and y’all took it!! FUCKING EGG ON YOUR MOTHERFUCKING FACES YOU STUPID JEWS!! No cheese with those eggs.

Pray for Jay. He’s just what we need: an all or nothing type! We only have 12 of those on the team so far.

Dilson ain’t like the 2nd coming or anything. But he could’ve very well been the long term the solution at 2B. Walker is gonna walk after this season. Reyes to 2B? Flores? Real Grease Cecchini? What the fuck?


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