Mets Make a Deal for Bruce


UPDATE: Deal is for Dilson! Dilson (and Wotell) not Nimmo. FUUUUUUCK. That’s SO MUCH MORE to give up. Dilson is a much better prospect than Nimmo. Mets BLOOOOOW. Also we apparently got Niese back haha.

Nimmo will be good, maybe? Nimmo and two low-level prospects for Jay Bruce. Welp, we’ve got a cleanup hitter now. We’ve got someone behind Yo. It’s good for now.

But this concerns me for the offseason. I see the Jew wheels of manipulation turning. We’re gonna let Yo walk and say that’ its ok because we have Bruce. The Piazza ceremony really showed how we never EVER have nice things. We gave Piazza 7 years and he deserved it and the returns are still glorious. He’s still helping the Jewpons rake it in. Pay Yo. He doesn’t need 10 years. Give him 5. Give him something. We’d be in last place without him. Pay him.

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