What’s the Point Without Yo?

Yo and the firing squad with a front row seat to the pain.

What’s the point without Yo? This game was over before it started. And without Gary, Keith, and Ron? God the FOX broadcasts are fucking brutal. Matz has to put up a GEM tomorrow. Give us some good vibes going into the break. Zeroes or bust. Without Cespedes, we reeeeeeaaaally blow.

Logan can’t cut it. We should get Ervin Santana or something. Get Gourriel you cheap fucking Jews!! He won’t cost a single player. Don’t you get that winning is what will make you the most money? Isn’t that so fucking obvious by now? We are lacking in personnel, plain and simple.

4 thoughts on “What’s the Point Without Yo?

      1. yanksyoungpitching says:

        Derherher, good one…last time I heard something that funny I was 4 years old. Metsblow, why don´t you come over and blow me.


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