Good to Burn Out Pre-ASB

Strasburg that dumbo-eared freak! Outdueled the Norse God. Coming off the DL, he had a nono 6.2 deep and got pulled. Then, against us, until Cabrera’s big ass bomb in the 5th (the ball is flyyyying out…flew out on Thor, too), he didn’t let up a hit. That’s damn fine work.

We lost 2 all stars and Harvey in the same day. Lagares (in Yo’s spot) hit into a DP. Why didn’t Reyes run? That was kinda the game. 
It’s a good time for rest. We usually go into the break hot and then have an ice cold second half. Good to go cold now and rest up. These aren’t the biggest games of all time. They matter. But a healthy Yo in the 2nd half matters a lot more. The team goes as he goes.

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