Mets Up; Harvey Down


What did you expect? You thought we could have nice things?

Harvey’s dead. We all figured it was some type of injury. It’s his shoulder. Yikes. Could be out for a while–maybe until next season. Maybe just 15 days. Further tests are needed.

deGrom knows how to pitch. He let up two solo dingers to Stanton but we had runs to spare and hedidn’t pitch to him with runners on. It’s NOT COMPLICATED!

Reyes hit two doubles and Flores hit two dingers (again). Grandy actually had a clutch hit. Fam with the save. We took care of the Marlins. We should’ve swept but we don’t know how to play sound baseball.

We’re more than halfway through. Things start to take shape now. It’s still not good to scoreboard watch. You should take care of your own. Do your job and it all falls into place. Buuuuuut: 4 games back behind Wsh. 4 games at home against Wsh. SO BIG!

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