You Get a Bone Spur! You Get a Bone Spur! Bone Spurs for Everybody!

Ooooooh this team is SHOT!! Here comes Mets disease for everyone.

Matz is dead. Thor says that he’s fine but he sure did suck last night. We may never see either of them again.

I’m the stupidest. I actually got fooled. Thor got out of the 1st inning jam and we tacked on runs and I thought we were dialing in for the big series here. Ace on the mound. Nimmo with his first hit. Some key hits with RISP. Ahhhh nope, we’re terrible. Worst loss of the year. They keep finding new ways to outdo themselves.

Bastardo mopped it up nicely. Prolly his best outing all year.

HarveyDay today. He’s taking on their new stud prospect (ML debut). Get ready for “Giolito’s better” chants. DC folk probably aren’t clever enough to do it.

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