Captain Hook Strikes Again

“Yarrrrr, bring me a reliever who doesn’t blow.”

On a night where Soup got demoted and the Jewpons got even MORE RELIEF from the government for their heinous thievery, we still managed to have a terrible day.

This might’ve been the worst loss of the season. Granted, a little of it is on Matz. Matz was absolutely cruising, and then all of a sudden he lost it. The game kind of washed over everyone. The White Sox have enough hitting that you can’t sleep on them.

Thor in relief was fun. Ronnie thought 1 inning was enough so I buy that. But Captain Shitty Hook really did a number on us. I’m not even mad at Robles. It’s all on Terry. How the fuck can you bring in Robles in a 1-run game!? He lets up a dinger per inning. He needs time in the minors or something. I like the kid but he needs to work some issues out. You could’ve even brought in Bastardo there. Bring in anyone but Robles in a 1 run game. That’s where he’s at right now and everyone knows it but you, Terry. Reed and Fam both unavailable? Give me a fucking break. It’s a 1 run game.

You just can’t blow 4 run leads and claim you have good pitching. We have to be better than that. That loss happened so quickly. It was 4-0 Mets and then wham bam we lose. The thing is that we DO have better pitching than that. Collins really pushed the wrong buttons.

deGrom in the rubber game today. Boy, if Harvey is back (praaaay), then our rotation really is fucking filthy. Like how we imagined it would be during preseason. This should’ve been a sweep but I’m confident in our ability to win each and every series with our horses. Meanwhile, we are near the very bottom of the league (25th) in runs scored. We’d be in dead last if not for Yo. Christ, we blow.

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