And I Thought Yesterday Was Bad


Whooooooo-wheeeeee what a stinker! You blew it Jacob! That solo dingdong to Frazier. Don’t you know if you let up more than zero runs, you can’t get a W?

What a black hole lineup without Cespedes woooow. 13 walks? 1 run? Woooooow. Against the beleaguered, poopoo pen of the White Sox? 

This 2-4 homestand was as frustrating as any stretch has ever been. The umps played a part in making this an all-around disgrace, but losing games that you should win is soooooo pussssaaaaayyy. 

Thankfully, the Mets can leave town for a while and find their groove. Get mean. Get vengeance for the ejection and the B.S. The bias is long proven and you have to deal with it. They don’t want to see you be kings! Hit the damn ball. We’re playing short-handed for fucks sake. DL Wright and bring up…Soup?…Metsblow.

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