Thor is a God. Thor is a God. Thor is a God.

7 IP. 10 Ks. 0 BB. 0 R.

Chooooof. Fuck Scherzer. We came home, Grandy & Conforto hit solo dingers, and that’s all we needed.

1 down. Now Tolo (and both of his families) look to shut down the Nats again. We’re facing Gio. We’re fuuuuucked. We actually need Wright for this one, but his back is duuuuunzo.

Why does anyone give a shit about Tolo’s personal life? I guess he’s just so sexy that people have to know. Leave him and his bastards alone.

Deadpool: TDA never plays for the Mets again? Odds 2:1. He’s in Cali now with a personal trainer. He ain’t comin back. 

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