The Mets Are Juiced Up

Big Bart hit one off of Big Game James.

Yes, Tolo hit a dinger. Replays for days. A testament to his work ethic. That’s the REAL secret stuff.

Yes, the Mets won. They hit a bunch of dingers (La Potencia, Big Sexy, Captain America, Young Savior). 2 came in the 9th. Colon gets the W. Fam gets the S. 

So many fucking dingers! It’s fun! 

One thought on “The Mets Are Juiced Up

  1. arturothebull says:

    Dingers is great! More dingers, more. But aren’t you getting a tad worried about the Mutts inability to get more than two hits in an inning? (except once a year they get 15)

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