Mets Still Snoozin’

I was wrong when I said the Mets’ late inning almost-comeback meant they were going to shake the jet lag. Sue me. Wrong once. Whatever. Fuck you. I didn’t realize they were facing a lefty tonight. I didn’t check the probables because I knew Thor was going and I penciled in a W.

Thor was prettay, prettay good. Im impressed with how quickly he’s fixing his slow delivery. I’m not gonna address that, really. We got shutout. That’s pathetic. What the fuck was Teufel thinking sending Dru on that Flores double? It actually WORKED, though. The Mets pulled a Royals aka a Kit Keller and said, “I’m running when it’s retarded to run but I don’t think you’ll make the play.” And guess what–Norris (Padres C) dropped the ball! The ump, being the retard that he is, called Dru out before seeing that Norris dropped the ball. For some reason, he didn’t change the call when the ball was clearly loose. Aaaaand for some reason, Dru never touched home plate. Touch the fucking base, holmes. Had he, I think the call gets overturned. But knowing the retarded umps at base camp, that’s hard to say. So congrats to everyone involved in that play. You are all special. 

I actually do know what Tim Teufel was thinking there. He knew Rivera and then Thor (even though it would’ve been a PH) were coming up. Pray for TDA. When he’s healthy, the lineup has no holes. 

One thought on “Mets Still Snoozin’

  1. arturothebull says:

    The only prayer relevant for TDA is that he makes it to the happy hunting ground. He is D’Ead. D’Arnit. If he gets resurrected, make him a pinch-hitter.

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