Mets Played Like Shit And…Won?

Slap hands!

I went to the game today. We won 6-5. It should have been 10-0. When you’re hot, you’re hot. We won. Somehow. I can’t really explain how…oh wait…yes I can. It’s for 2 reasons:

  1. Michael Conforto. Sign him up forever. Conforto 3rd and Cespedes cleanup FOREVER.
  2. The middle infield. We have nobody who can make the throw from 3rd. Wow. Jeez. Stanko. But Walker and Asdrubal are both hitting (Walker especially) and more importantly turned a difficult (but routine for major leaguers) double play in the 9th, ultimately keeping Posey from coming to bat.

We really blow, though. TC kept Reed in for too long. WHAT ELSE IS NEW!? deGrom got squeezed but was wild. He had to throw a shitload of extra pitches thanks to all the unearned runs. We ended the game on Flores triple clutching and making a terrible throw that Duda only caught by putting his arm out into traffic and potentially shattering it. Robles got SOOOO lucky that Pence’s would-be go-ahead grand slam got knocked down by the wind. I can’t believe we won. This wasn’t a fun game to watch. It was fun at times. But it was brutal and a hollow win. Fuck it. I’ll take it. Thor for the sweep vs. MadBum tomorrow!

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