And Now For a Real Test

Conforto the young BULL

So the Mets “did their job” and swept the doodoo Reds. Conforto is a beast (thank god they didn’t let the kid see Vegas), Harvey settled in, Walker trotted around the bases with his 1-year contract in hand, and the backups (Juanny Beisbol, De Aza, Plawecki…) showed us the meaning of depth. 

Not sooooo faaaaast. The Mets looked like SHIT. We botched a pickle for fucks sake! We’re not smooth. Now the real test comes with SF in this weekend. We won’t be able to beat them playing the way we’ve been playing.

Take a look at these pitching matchups!

Fri: Matz/Peavy

Sat: deGrom/Cain 

Sun: Thor/Madbum

Daaaaaamn. Exciting stuff.

On Plawecki: Last year, every time d’Arnaud got hurt, TC said that his job was safe. Not this time! TC referred to Wally Pipp and he, like everyone else, knows that TDA is dead and now it’s Plawecki’s job to keep, so long as he hits. 

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