Waive Buh-Bye to Ruben


Baby Jeffy wave byeeeee
Ruben Tejada aka Ruben Sangwich aka Ruby Tuesday has been placed on waivers. His hefty 3mil couldn’t be covered by Jeff Ponzi I mean Jew Ponzi I mean Baby Jeffy Wilpon wah wah wah.

I’ve got nothing against Ruben but whatever. It was his time to go. He never filled Reyes’ shoes (who could?) and should not ever have been a starter in the first place. He was set up to fail. 

Mystery box! Reynolds, Gavin “The Real Grease” Cecchini, whatever. I don’t caaaaare. Just not Flores. He’ll need to play 3B, anyway, since Wright is dead. 

Pray for Asdrubal. 

One last time: Na de na na naaaaaa

P.S. Not one last time because the track is fire and hey, Ruby might clear waivers and end up on the team, anyway (doubtful). Na de naaaaaa

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