Blood Clot in Batdick

Fans reaching out and attempting to grab Harvey’s dick, but doctors and Scott Boras kept the wolves at bay.


Just pray. Everyone pray. Pray pray pray. He’s fine. It’s fine. Don’t PANIC!!! It’s only a blood clot. He’ll be good to go for Opening Day. Start the fucking season already.

A note about retaliation:

The Royals retaliated by winning. Yost said it. D-Wright said it. Sure, yeah, that’s cool. But y’all are forgetting one big thing: The Royals LIVE TO BRAWL. It’s their thing. That’s their x-factor. They’re country drunk hicks that are itching to scuffle. They want to take beaners. That’s a mistake when going up against our aces, but it’s their thing.



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