Extra Innings Update: Metsblow

The Royals’ scouting report at the beginning of this series: The Mets can’t play D!!! Just make contact!! Every game has been the same. I give them 1% credit for putting balls in play and 99% goes to the Mets choking. Maybe we win tonight, but the Metsbloooow.

It is essentially little league where you just intentionally get into a pickle because you know they’ll fuck up. It’s “bad” baserunning but it doesn’t matter. 


3 thoughts on “Extra Innings Update: Metsblow

  1. Joe Enright says:

    You are correct, sir. Harvey needed the hook after the walk but Wright and Duda and Murphy didn’t play well (Wilmer was OK all series but he can’t hit – that’s clear). As for Cespedes, it’s obvious he was on some sort of drug in August but its effect wore off as Sep waned and Oct dawned

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