Bout Time We Got Mean

Mets 9, Royals 3

Fuck yeah, Thor. Throwing heat. Throwing up and in. Settling down nicely after a rocky start and some major cheating from the umps. Hell yeah. Doc and the ’86 Mets will tell you that throwing chin music was the fuckin winning formula. Let’s go. Keep ’em off balance.

I’ve never seen Harvey, deGrom, and Thor blow leads in consecutive games. But whatever. Get fucking tough. It’s a series.

I’m not gonna give out superlatives and shit because we’ve got a job to do, so I’ll just briefly give a pat on the back to everyone. David, Juan, other Juan, Jeurys, Yoenis, Curtis…team win. The Royals cracked a bit and we really murked em. Let’s fucking go.

2 thoughts on “Bout Time We Got Mean

  1. arturothebull says:

    Not only Doc but Early Wynn, Don Drysdale, Bob Gibson . Hello. Hall of Famers. “It’s my plate.” Young is not in that categoey. Cespedes will crush him. Prayer and Cespedes.

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