We Blow Again


Mets 3, Marlins 4

Going into the series @WSH, which was the bigger lock–that we’d be reeling or that the Nats would be surging? Such fucking locks. We’re still 4 games up, but damn does that feel thin. Damn does it feel like we’re blowing it. Losing 5 out of 9 against the Sawx, Phils, and Fins is absolutely unacceptable. “At least we’re beating up on the bad teams” was our official slogan for the season. Now we can’t even beat the NL Least.

What a shitty loss, too. Collins pinch hits for Plawecki (subbing a righty for a righty) and that resulted in a double play. Clippard has been stellar, but blew it. The bottom line is you can’t only score 3 runs against the Marlins. They pulled that gambling fiend Cosart out in the 5th fucking inning even though he was shutting us down (except for Cespedes). Their pen is dogshit, but our pen is worse, apparently.

At least Matz looked pretty good. We’ll need him–as well as Gee and Verrett–to pitch well down the stretch because Harvey, Thor, and even deGrom have all looked gassed and if we want them strong and under their magical innings limit barriers for the postseason, then guys like Matz have to step up. So far, so good, except for the blister. Can’t fault Matz today.

OK, it’s time. @WSH time. Duda and Murph are both back, though Duda isn’t in today’s lineup. I’m not sure why not, but at least they’ve finally moved Cespedes out of the 2-hole. Today’s matchup is Niese vs. Scherzer, and I gotta say that looks absolutely AWFUL on paper. I don’t see how we win it, especially because we blow so hard.

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