Mets Overcome 7th, 8th, and 9th Inning Deficits to Win

Mets win...again!?
Mets win…again!?

Mets 4, Rays 3

For the first time in team history, the Mets overcame deficits in each of the final 3 innings to win. Un-fucking-real. Team of destiny.

deGrom had a terrible outing, letting up 2 solo dingers. He let up two whole runs! GARBAGE! Two weeks ago, that’s a guaranteed loss. Clippard also let up a dinger. C’mon, Tyler, we need you to be excellent. Our bullpen feels awfully thin. But, amazingly, this new offense got to 4 runs and we won the fucking game. It could’ve more than 4 runs, also. Jelly ripped a ball that was caught (he should’ve just gotten a sac fly, though, dammit). Flores hit a home run that was pulled back by Sizemore–absolute web gem. The point is that we’re hitting. Later in the game, Flores eventually knocked in a run with some more heroics. He’s been clutch his whole career. Let’s see him put it all together.

Collins explicitly said he doesn’t want Conforto on the bench and that he needs his reps. Ummmmm, so start him? Start him for the Mets? With the new lineup and Cuddy healthy, Cuddy deserves playing time, too. But if Conforto is playing 3 games/wk, he’s not “on the bench” or whatever. I hate them. Soup over Conforto would be a travesty. It’s probably all moot, since Grandy got hurt making a very nice backhand play in the gap, going to his knees. His knee was banged up (fucking astroturf) but he stayed in the game. He was wincing and barking. Do NOT send Conforto down!!!

The umps love cheating, as always. Murph griped after a pitch that was a foot outside (and would’ve been ball 4 to load the bases for Cespedes). Keith said, “gripe worthy.” Classic anti-Mets bias. Can’t get cocky. That 8-6 win in Miami was a good reminder that there are strong forces working against us. Let’s not let hubris be one of them. Last night was a real gutsy win, ending with Familia thrusting his pelvis. ~Mejia: that’s my move!~

Without Gary, Ronnie and Keith did a fine job. Keith was reminiscing about Doc (who was also there) and what’s funny about the anecdote was that the story made perfect sense if you interjected, “and then we did a big fat line of blow,” every sentence or two.

Aaaaah God too many things are going our waaaaay. I don’t know what to do. In Washington, Storen is sabotaging the Nats for demoting him in favor of that diva bitch Papelbon. He let up a grand slam in the 8th to CarGo. In the Bronx, the Blue Jays beat the Junkies in 10 innings (Joey Bats dinger). By the way, Bryce had a perfect view of CarGo’s GS. Right over his head. He also struck out to end the game.

We’re so fucking hot right now. Cespedes is such a presence. He makes an…ummm…what’s the word? Impact? Seems like impact bats have an impact. Crazy. Murph does NOT get that pitch (that he hit a home run off of) without Cespedes behind him. Ya know what? We’re hot, but it’s something more. We score runs and don’t let up runs. I just think this is who we are. Winning every single game extra special, but I’m saying that this team for 162 games wins 99 or 100. So I think in our final 54 games, 33-21 is doable. 58-50 at the two-thirds mark could turn to 91-71. This team, if healthy, is elite. And the magic is with us right now, too. We didn’t have ANY until a week ago, so maybe we have enough stored away to last all the way.

Thor takes the hill tonight for a 6 o’clock game (those wacky Floridians). Let’s keep it rolling.

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