Please Do NOT Get Rid of Mejia

Jenrry Mejia
Jenrry Mejia

Mejia has been suspended for 162 games for using PEDs. Baaaaallllin. So ballin. Juicing while on parole for juicing. So ballin. Of course, getting caught isn’t ballin.

Everyone is clamoring for his removal from the team.


It costs ZERO dollars if he gets banned. Wouldn’t you rather see if our elite closer can come back next season in a Mets uniform, rather than another one? It costs ZERO dollars if he gets caught.

The people calling for Mejia’s head are the same nutjobs that called for ARod’s. Uhhhh…soooo…how did keeping him work out for the Yankees? Fucking idiots. PEDs aren’t shit. Everyone’s on them. Who cares? Do you drink coffee before you go to your Wall Street job? That’s a PED. Do you smoke weed for rapping? That’s a PED. PEDs are awesome. The only real criminals in baseball were the people that didn’t play against black people. Those records should be asterisked the fuck up.

Keep Mejia. For the love of Gawd, keep Mejia.

P.S. Clippard looked real good last night.

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