Mets, Armed with Tyler Clippard, Go Into the Biggest Week of the Season

Well, hopefully the Padres dish Upton before tonight.

Either way, the Nats are coming this weekend. The Padres suck. We need all these games. Must win both series. The Nats are fucking retarded. They got rid of their two best players not named Bryce (LaRoche and Clippard). They haven’t recovered from the hubris of shutting down Strasburg in the playoffs a few years ago. They’re dumb. DUMB DUMB DUMB. Meanwhile the Maverick went full Maverick and got us Clippard. Brilliant. I’m in shock.

We’re way better than we were a week ago, that’s for sure. Are we good enough? This week will say a lot. A LOT A LOT. Big game James up against us tonight. Can we hit? DO WE HAVE AN OFFENSE?

Go get CarGo or Cespedes…

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