It’s Scripted!

B-U-N-T bunt, in perfect cursive...any more brain busters?
B-U-N-T bunt, in perfect cursive…any more brain busters?
Mets 3, Dodgers 2

Of course it was deGrom that broke up Greinke’s scoreless streak. Of course.

Kirk started over Juanny. Look at today’s lineup! When it comes to the lineup, everyone is now fighting for a spot. In all seriousness, this was the biggest game of the season. deGrom knew it. The hitters knew it. The win has sent shockwaves throughout the league. The talking heads are screaming, “MAVERICK! MAVERICK!” They should be–the trade was huge, and Conforto is a delight to watch at the plate. He’s also been in two outfield collisions in two days.

Our August schedule is dogshit weak. Our September schedule is dogshit weak. Look at the schedule. Ok…now actually: Look at the schedule. It’s dogshit! Nats and Pirates. Yankees. Everything else is against our shitty division opponents or other shitty teams. Even the Orioles are below .500 at this point. We finish the season against the Nats. Could that matter? We have a real opportunity.

Familia–who for NO FUCKING REASON pitched yesterday–blew the save today. He needed his reps! REPS!! Well hey, Uribe got to Jansen! Uribelievable!! Hitters! HITTERS! Dudes with rings! Wow. The Dodgers can really hit, and they got to our elite closer. We did the same thing to them. One note on Familia is that he better be ready to pitch on back-to-back-to-back-to-etc. days down the stretch. Pick up that damn win for deGrom next time. Shake it off. Everyone loses. Even Mo. This is the first adversity Jeurys has faced. His response to this is what matters. He’s been outstanding, and is still young (25) and inexperienced.

Hey, all you pessimists: The Mets have never let us down before. I see no reason not to get your hopes impossibly high.

Also, fuck the Yankees. The Royals got Cueto.

TDA played for Bing yesterday. He did well. Chooooo. It’s all lining up! It’s all scripted. This house of cards is about to collaaappsseeeee.

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