It’s a New Dawn

A glorious day.
A glorious day.

Mets 15, Dodgers 2

Dingers for Jelly! Murph! 2 for Duda! Conforto 4-4! Uribe berry berry good defensive play and a hit of his own!

Murph and Duda have protection! It’s a new day! It’s happening!

Let’s get our hopes uuuuuppp!!

Someone tell me what the fuck Familia is doing in the game with a 13 run lead.

Unequivocally, this was the best win of the season.

The Mets have come up with a whole new way to disappoint us. They’ve done it. Hopes are back up. It’s awful. 2 games over .500 wooooo.

Let’s celebrate the like Greinke isn’t pitching tomorrow.

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