The Mets Remind Us That They’re Still the Mets

Dodgers 7, Mets 2

On the greatest day in 6 years, the Mets still managed to remind us that they’re the Mets.

We brought up Conforto and got Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe from the Braves. A glorious day. They’re instantly the three best hitters on the team. However, we’re still the Mets, and we still got beaten badly. Granted, Johnson and Uribe didn’t officially join the roster until after the game, but the game was a nice reminder that we’re completely inept at offense.

We have scored 2 runs in the past 18 innings. Before that, in an 18 inning game, we scored 1 run (until TOOOOTALLY BREAKING IT OPEN). So Conforto basically doubled our RBI total. I have high hopes for Uribe and Johnson. They’re both batting over .270!! They’re the only two on the team that have those stats now!

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