Shocker of the Season: Kershaw Throws a (Nearly Perfect) Shutout Against Mets

Dodgers 3, Mets 0

I won’t say what everyone else is saying. Even the syocphantic blogs are starting to “pull a Metsblow” and call for Jeff’s (aka Joffrey’s) head. Good on them. Glad to have an effect on people.

All I’ll say is this:

To anyone who is saying, “well it’s Kershaw,” let me ask you this:

Was it Kershaw who threw a no-hitter against us? No. It was a medicore-at-best rookie for SF, and they did it IN FLUSHING.

We get shutout every other fucking day. Kershaw has nothing to do with it.

Our cleanup hitter, Mayberry, is batting .170, while our #5 hitter, Soup, is batting .179…oh and Tolo, our pitcher? He’s batting .147 hahaha.

Thank God Greinke is having a baby, otherwise it’d be back-to-back CGSOs guaranteed. Instead, the Mets face scrub Ian Thomas tonight. CGSO almost guaranteed.

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