Who Got the 2 RBI Last Night?

One more look at last night's lineup.
One more look at last night’s lineup.
Nats 7, Mets 2

So who knocked in 2 for the Mets? Was it Murph, batting .268? Was it our amazing 4-5-6 combo of Flores, Mayberry, and Campbell?

It was Harvey.

Yes. It was the pitcher. Shocking.

Look at that lineup again. LOOK AT IT!

Not to mention the D. With proper bookkeeping, really only 2 of the Nats runs were earned. Not that it matters, because the second they took the lead (first inning), it was over. But I’m just saying that I’m not too worried about Harvey’s pitching performance. 

Metsblow is supposedly a humor site. “Comedy” is one of the categories. “Satire” is one of the categories. But I literally do nothing. I just post a picture of the lineup, and that’s all the comedy I need. You can’t be funnier than that lineup. There’s no bigger joke.

Here’s a joke: Two Jews, a father and son, buy a baseball team…

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