Preblow: Happy #HarveyAndTheWorstLineupEverDay


Welp, this is it. This is the lineup that’s going to be facing Gio tonight. We have done it. We have assembled the worst lineup in the history of baseball. Well, maybe not in HISTORY. But without Grandy? Without Grandy it’s the worst in history and I really believe that.

Look at it! LOOK AT IT!!!

Oh by the way, Lagares and Cuddy have both been playing hurt for months. The Mets made an injured player suffer? No waaaaay. That’s so unlike them.

Let’s play player-roulette. There are 29 teams besides the Mets. AT EVERY SINGLE POSITION, I would spin the wheel of replacement. For each position, just spin the wheel, and whatever team it lands on, we get their player. Honestly, I wouldn’t even keep Lagares at this point. Maaaaaybe if he got TJ. We miiiiight get a worse RF than Grandy. But assuming d’Arnaud is dead, we’re bottom 5, maybe even bottom 3 at EVERY SINGLE POSITION.

Duda is hitting .235! Murph “sports illustrated predicted me to win the batting title” Murphy is hitting .268 and can’t run the bases for shit and field and can’t think.

Thank god we got Kevin Long.

Godspeed, Mr. Dark Knight. Godspeed.

P.S. WHERE THE FUCK IS CONFORTO!?!? WHERE THE FUCK IS ANYBODY!? The Mets, as consistent as any franchise has ever been (see above about the injured players playing), won’t do shit. WHY!? Because they’re cheap fucking Jews. Nuff said. Worst. The worst. I hate it. Look at that fucking lineup!!! Talk about fun and exciting!!

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