Post/Preblow: Harvey Dinger

Mets 4, DBacks 2

Well, naturally the Mets couldn’t generate any offense for Harvey. Fucking awful. But Harvey took matters into his own hands, hitting a game winning home run (that was reviewed and upheld).

I can’t give too much credit to Harvey. Something must be in the winds, because Tejada also had a home run. And Cuddyer had one yesterday. The Mets are homer happy!

I peeped the Angels/Mariners game last night. Mike Trout has more homers than the entire Mets team combined…and he’s not even leading the Angels.

In all seriousness, Harvey had an up and down 1st half, but coming off of TJ, he’s been stellar. Smoltz expects him to be “all the way back” by 2016, and that’s when we expect the Mets to compete anyway. We expect the Mets to make big moves this offseason, right? RIIIIIGHT?

Familia got the save. Kaboom.

PREBLOW: Jon Niese and the Mets go for the sweep today. It’d be nice to uplift the spirits before the all-star game. It’s important to inflate the balloon before mercilessly popping it.

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