Postblow: Cap’n Kirk!

He's as stunned as we all are.
He’s as stunned as we all are.

Mets 5, DBacks 3

The Mets complete the sweep. Wow the Dbacks are shitty. They really can’t pitch.

The Mets hit a shitload of home runs this series. The winds must be swirling. Even Tejada hit one. Crazy summer winds.

Kirk hit 3 dingers today–the first Met ever to do that at home. A true testament to the overall shittiness of the franchise. Also, now that schmuck is gonna play every day. Get ready for another 0 for 40 stretch.

So the Mets are on a real upswing going into the break. It’s nice to know that they can still get our hopes up before stomping them down.

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